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Emigrating to a new home in France ? Looking for a removals company to France ? Edwards European Moving can HELP YOU


It goes without saying that one of the top decisions that you have to make when moving to France is figuring out what you are going to do with all of your belongings. After you sort everything out and you know what you need to be taking with you, the next step is choosing a moving company for removals to France to give you the best possible experience from start to finish. Seeing how you are only going to have one chance at getting it right, these are some helpful tips that you can use to plan out your move so that it will end up being as stress free and as smooth as it can be. Edwards European Moving would like to give you some tips on utilising a professional service for removals.

2 To 4 Weeks In Advance of your move

If you are planning on doing packing on your own, you want to give yourself at two weeks prior to the move. You need to label all of your boxes with the contents and be sure that you sort out any of the items to be given away or sold. During this time, you also need to notify your bank of the change in your address and whether or not you know the bank that you will be transferring your account to. If you have children, this is also the time to notify the school of the last day that they will be attending school and also advise the new school of the intended start date.

1 Week In Advance of your move

Contact your service providers and let them know that you are going to be moving and when the shut off date should be. This will include water, electricity, gas, and any other services such as telephone and internet. If you happen to have dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, now is the time to do so. For families with children, you might also want to look into childcare help for the removal day so that the entire process is able to go nice and smooth.

Days In Advance of your move to France

Put together an overnight bag that has all of your essential toiletries as well as a change of clothes. You can look at this as a survival kit that will have everything in it that you might need once your belongings are moved out of your home and you are traveling to your new property in France. This is also a great time to make sure that you move out all of the food items that you have in your freezer or refrigerator and either donate it or discard them accordingly.

When it comes to professional services for removals to France, you are always going to get the best care and results when you work with Edwards European Moving.

We take the time to carefully pack, load and then transport all of your items from one location to another. Hiring the best is always going to be well worth the investment and we look forward to making your transition a smooth and memorable one.


Ask For A Removal Quotation for your Part Load to France or Full Loads to France as a Dedicated Service

In order to get a price that you can work with, think about asking for a Removal Quotation before the move. During this time, Edwards European can explain the whole moving process and all of the services that we offer so that we can both prepare for your move but also plan for the little things along the way.

Just a few of the services that you may want to discuss with us:

  1. Packing of your belongings
  2. Storage and transportation options
  3. Transit protection insurance
  4. Record keeping of all of your belongings
  5. Special consideration taken for any vehicles, fragile items, pets and more.

No matter what, you need to be sure that your removals from UK to France will meet your needs and that you fully understand what to expect during and after the moving process.


Know Your Storage Options

If you are going to need somewhere to store your belongings before, during or even after the relocation, Edwards European moving will be able to help.

Edwards European Moving currently offer 4 Weeks FREE Storage to our customers that move to France

All you have to do is ask about the available storage facilities to give you a safe and secure location to keep your items until you are able to retrieve them. No matter what, this and other services offered by Edwards European Moving we are geared at making the customers life and moving process a whole lot easier.

Whether you are relocating your family or it is just you that is in for a move, professional removals from UK to France by Edwards European Moving will be exactly what you need. There can be some major things to take into consideration, so the right team of experienced professionals can really go a long way to making your life easier and stress free during the moving process. In the end, you are going to be glad that you took the time to find just the right company to take care of all of your relocation needs.

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