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Edwards European Moving offers UK residents removals to Lisbon Portugal. We can manage full removals and relocations to Lisbon, as well as single items. Our clients include private individuals and large companies alike. Whatever your needs and your type of business, you can rest assures that you’ll benefit from the highest moving standards available today.

If you already have a Portuguese residence in the Lisbon and you want to purchase furniture in the UK, we can help you bring these new furniture items home. Once you make your purchase, you need to have it delivered to our warehouse in the UK.

Our movers will take your furniture and load it on our next shipment to Portugal, in order for you to receive it within the shortest time possible.  Moreover, our comprehensive insurance coverage will be your guarantee that you’ll get compensated in the unlikely event of a damage caused by an accident or by any other unexpected problem.

We are a trilingual company with several members of staff speaking English, French and Spanish.

Our removal services to Lisbon include the packing of your belongings, the transit period insurance, a detailed record keeping of all of your items, as well as special instructions for the packaging and transportation of fragile items, musical instruments, cars, pets, and more.

Our movers are skilled and experienced, so your belongings are absolutely safe with us. We know how to pack the different items that require special attention to avoid damage along the way.

Our staff is always ready and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you receive your furniture in time and without a single scratch.

Weekly removals to Portugal
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In order to get a personalised  and no obligation quote, contact us as early as possible. Our customer service team will explain you all the steps of the moving process and all the ways we can help you. You’ll be able to decide which of our services you’ll need and when.

We can help you plan your move in great detail, in order to find comfort at your new location in Lisbon right from the beginning.

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Full export wrap and pack
Full export wrap and pack

Here are some of the moving services we provide

  • Packing of your furniture items, appliances, and other personal belongings
  • Storage and Car transportation of all above mentioned items
  • Transit protection insurance
  • Exhaustive inventory lists
  • Special transportation conditions for fragile items, pets, musical instruments and even if you have difficult access to your property, we have outside elevators and tranship vehicles available.


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Our removal services cover all areas in Lisbon

We can deliver door to door to Birre, Areia, Avenida 25 Abril, Cascais, Costa da Guia, Monte Estoril, Quinta da Marinha, Quinta da Patino, Malveira da Serra, Beloura I and II, Penha Longa, Estoril, Charneca and Azoia – Wherever your destination we can provide you with reliable and timely removals services.


Edwards European Moving have a wealth of experience in the properties and roads in Lisbon. Over the past decade, we’ve helped many UK residents relocate to the Lisbon region.

Our removals packages are tailored to suit your needs. Just contact us to tell you what you need and we will send you a customised quote without binding you into any agreement. Once you decide you want to hire us for your relocation to Lisbon, you don’t need to do anything else than to follow our instructions and to relax. Our movers will take care of everything for you, in order to ensure that you’ll have all of your items delivered to the very door of your Portuguese home. You’ll also receive a timing and a schedule for your move, in order for you to plan your time and your other activities accordingly.

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Removals to Lisbon
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About Moving to Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that boasts every convenience of modern life – schooling, medical care and a great public transportation system – as well as museums and cultural attractions galore. But it also is just small enough to have that sense of community and togetherness that makes it welcoming to people from diverse cultures and countries of origin.

It’s also a fact that although Portuguese people can seem a little aloof when you first meet them they soon warm to those who are friendly and share in their love of all the things that make this country great – and that in turn can make living with others in the city an absolute pleasure. The fact that most people speak English is another attraction to those looking for accommodation in Lisbon.

Of course anyone considering moving to another country is going to want to know that their money is going to last – especially those who have reached retirement age.

The fact is that cost of living in Portugal is considerably lower than many other countries in Europe – and UK expats will be pleasantly surprised at how far their retirement incomes and their savings will take them in Lisbon – and that includes the cost of renting accommodation and food.

The areas most popular with expats are Birre, its pastel-coloured, older villas are popular because of its quiet roads and generous plot sizes; and neighbouring Areia. The best apartments are along the Avenida 25 Abril in town, at Costa da Guia, and in the nearby seaside resort of Monte Estoril. Gated communities are increasingly popular.

The most mature of these is the Quinta da Marinha, on the western border of Cascais, with its own stables, gym, golf courses, etc and quiet, leafy lanes of expensive villas. New ones are sprouting up all over the place: to the west outside Malveira da Serra and to the north at Beloura I and II, Quinta da Patino and Penha Longa, Most offer attractive landscaping, shared or private pools and, of course, security.

More charming are the heart of old Cascais or the 1920s villas of Estoril. For a more rustic feel, try the villages running north along the cliffs from Charneca to Azoia.

Weekly removals to Portugal

Those wishing to relocate to Lisbon should seek the advice of a professional moving company, Edwards European Moving has experience in relocating to this part of Portugal. Research is the key to a smooth relocation and enjoying the Portuguese lifestyle from day one.

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Storage services

If you are going to need somewhere to store your belongings before, during or even after the relocation, Our full range of storage services will help.

All you have to do is ask about the available storage facilities to give you a safe and secure location to keep your items until you are able to retrieve them.

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