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If you need a removal service to Lyon, you’ve come to the right place. At Edwards European Moving, we can take care of your relocation to Lyon, regardless of the amount of personal effects you want to move. We work with individuals, as well as with small businesses and large corporations.

We utilise bi-lingual staff ( French/English ) both in the office and on the road who are available to assist you with translation services if required.

With over 25 years of experience in moving families and businesses abroad, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. All of our removal services are carried out to the highest quality standards and in full safety.

Should you want to purchase new furniture in the UK or to move your old furniture to your residence in the Lyon, we have the right services to cater to your removal needs. When it comes to buying new furniture, all you need to do is to have it shipped directly to our warehouse. Our staff will carefully inspect all items and will ship them over to your French residence. With us, you can rest assured that everything you’ve ordered will arrive to your destination in perfect condition.

Our staff is always ready and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you receive your furniture in time and without a single scratch.

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In order to get a personalised price quote, contact us as early as possible. Our customer service staff will explain you all the steps of the moving process and all the ways we can help you. You’ll be able to decide which of our services you’ll need and when.

We can help you plan your move in great detail, in order to find comfort at your new location in Lyon right from the beginning


Here are some of the moving services we provide

  • Packing of your furniture items, appliances, and other personal belongings
  • Storage and Car transportation of all above mentioned items
  • Transit protection insurance
  • Exhaustive inventory lists
  • Special transportation conditions for fragile items, pets, musical instruments and even if you have difficult access to your property, we have outside elevators and tranship vehicles available.

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Our removal services cover all areas in Lyon

Popular Expat Towns in Lyon, France

Lyon, a vibrant and culturally rich city in France, is increasingly popular among expatriates for its quality of life and diverse neighbourhoods. Known for its gastronomic heritage, historical architecture, and a strong sense of community, Lyon offers a variety of areas that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon)

Characterised by its Renaissance architecture and narrow cobblestone streets, Vieux Lyon is ideal for those who love history and culture. This area, while offering a historic ambiance, is also bustling with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Properties here mainly include charming old apartments, often with beautiful interior details like wooden beams and stone walls.


A modern and eco-friendly district located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, Confluence is known for its contemporary architecture and sustainable living. This area attracts a younger crowd and is perfect for those who prefer modern apartments with amenities such as terraces, green spaces, and proximity to shopping centers and entertainment.


Known as the ‘hill that works’, Croix-Rousse is famous for its silk-weaving history. It’s a bohemian and artistic area, with a mix of workshops, galleries, and markets. The properties in Croix-Rousse range from traditional Canuts (silk workers’) apartments with high ceilings and mezzanines to more modern buildings. It’s ideal for those who appreciate a blend of history and creative flair.

Tête d’Or

Surrounding the largest urban park in France, Parc de la Tête d’Or, this area is one of the most prestigious in Lyon. It offers a tranquil environment with luxurious properties, including spacious apartments and grand houses. Ideal for families and those seeking a quieter, more upscale living experience, Tête d’Or is also conveniently close to international schools and various amenities.

Each of these neighborhoods offers its unique charm and lifestyle, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the expat community in Lyon. Whether you’re seeking historical charm, modern convenience, artistic ambiance, or tranquil luxury, Lyon’s varied districts provide a range of properties to buy or rent.

Edwards European Moving have a wealth of experience in the properties and roads in Lyon. Over the past decade, we’ve helped many UK residents relocate to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes .

Map of Lyon

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EU Customs Clearance

Moving To France EU Customs Requirements

If you are moving to France from the UK, you will now be required to pass customs when moving goods through Europe. You will now be required to show a number of documents and information to avoid getting charged import duty of your personal goods. You Will Need :

  • Certificate of non-resale
  • Inventory list with values in French
  • Inventory list with values in English
  • Copy of the passport
  • Certificate of change of residence by the French Consulate
  • Certificate of transfer done on a letterhead by the employer
  • Proof of residence in France
  • Completed Cerfa No 10070*01

Our co-ordinators and management closely monitor all legislation changes and will be able to advise on customs formalities.

At Edwards European Moving, we promise to be a part of your moving journey, no matter which side of the EU you go to. Give us a call at 01953 718239 to get aquotation for your packing and moving services today.

How Can You Prepare For Moving to Lyon?

You can prepare for this relocation very easily by boxing up everything that you own. Edwards Moving can provide all of the packing, packaging tape, boxes, and the equipment that you will need to move everything into the specialist vehicle or let us do all the packing for you as an extra service.

By simply having everything organised before we arrive, you can expedite this procedure of packing everything and moving it to this new location in France.

Lyon is a wonderful place to move if you are looking for one of the best destinations in France. If you are from the UK, and you want to move there now, you now know what options to consider. It is advantageous to hire Edwards European Moving who have made this journey multiple times. They will understand where to go, and how to get there in the shortest possible amount of time.

Living in Lyon France
Moving to Lyon France

Those wishing to relocate to Lyon should seek the advice of a professional moving company, Edwards European Moving has experience in relocating to this part of France. Research is the key to a smooth relocation and enjoying the French lifestyle from day one.

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Storage services

If you are going to need somewhere to store your belongings before, during or even after the relocation, Our full range of storage services will help.

All you have to do is ask about the available storage facilities to give you a safe and secure location to keep your items until you are able to retrieve them.

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