Brits in France

British citizens love to go to France. In fact, there are many British expats living in France.
If you are British and plan on moving to France, you should know the areas expats live, go and connect with other British expats.


1. Areas British Expats Go

– Many British expats choose to live in IIe-de-France region, which is where Paris is located. In fact, there are more than 15,000 British expats in this area. Asides from Paris, another popular area expats live in is Poitou-Charentes. Aquitaine and Brittany are also popular areas British expats choose to live, as well as Rhone Alps, which is located in the southeast and it is home to some of the most popular ski resorts in the country.

2. Areas Expats Tend To Not Go

– Even though there are many areas where British expats choose to reside, there are areas that they tend not to live in and this is according to various statistics. Corsica is not home to many British expats, as there are around 200 who live there. Other areas expats tend to not live in are Franche-Comte and Champagne-Ardenne. Keep in mind that those areas are gorgeous parts of France, but there are various reasons why British expats in France choose not to live there.

3. Connecting With Other British Expats

– If you plan on becoming an expat in France, the chances are you’ll want to connect with other expats, and the good news is there are numerous ways to connect with other British expats in France. One popular way is by using online forums designed for British expats or websites designed to connect British expats in France. Such websites are easy to use and you could end up meeting many expats in France by using such websites.

You can also stay at popular resorts in France, but research different resorts and find out where British expats tend to stay at. Many resorts have establishments on location and you can go to such establishments and mingle with other expats. As previously mentioned, there are various areas British expats choose to stay in, and you can look for resorts in those areas and stay at one of them.

Finally, you can use social media to connect with other expats in France. You can use Facebook to find groups and pages that are aimed at British expats in the country, or you can create your own group or community and connect with other expats that way. You might be surprised at how many expats you can connect with by using Facebook to join and create groups and pages for other expats to use and connect with one another. Try to join a group that has many members because this will improve your odds of connecting with many expats.

Now you know how to connect with other British expats and where they tend to go. You also know where they tend to not go. All you have to do now is book your move to France and enjoy yourself when you arrive.

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