More Britons Choose to Move to Spain

Brexit worries aside, more and more Britons are choosing to move to Spain. In fact, currently, around 760,000 people from the British Isles now call Spain home (according to research conducted by the BBC) and that number seems set to grow. The number of Britons that the government in Madrid claims are now based in Spain is closer to 300,000. However, the guarantees from the Spanish government that the residency rights of those Britons in Spain will be protected even in a ‘No Deal’ Brexit has once again brought the country firmly into the limelight for those in search of the sun.


Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when evaluating Spain as a residential choice.

1. The Spanish Edge.

Research indicates that Spain offers a superior lifestyle to that enjoyed by residents of Britain. The advantages in areas such as healthcare, safety, quality of life and a better work/life balance are seeing increasing numbers of Britons consulting relocation agencies about just how they can enjoy these advantages.

2. Sunshine – All the Time.

No discussion of the advantages of living in Spain would be complete without at least a passing mention of the weather. Summertime is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as golf, hiking or simply lazing on the beach. Winters are mild and pleasant.

3. Work.

It may not seem that Spain offers excellent employment prospects – but the figures for those Britons who call it home tell a different story. 88% of Britons in Spain are employed. The country also offers excellent prospects for entrepreneurs – especially for those who want to become involved in the hospitality and leisure industries. That all year long sun brings hordes of tourists to the country – and it is perfect for those who, for instance, would like to open a cafe or restaurant.

4. A Huge Choice of Property.

The lively Spanish property market means that there is a home base that will suit the needs of anyone – no matter what their individual preference. You simply get more ‘bang for your buck’ in Spain as opposed to the U.K. Properties can range from apartments by the sea to villas in the picturesque interior of Spain. Obtaining a mortgage is neither complex nor time-consuming.

5. Space to Explore.

It’s hard to think of another country that has so many opportunities to enjoy a great outdoor lifestyle. those long warm summer days are ideal for exploring the wonders of Spain. From the long unspoiled beaches and scenic coastal drives to the wonders of the rural villages that are still so much a part of Spanish life there is simply space to stretch your legs and explore.

6. Food Glorious Food.

The Mediterranean diet is simply marvellous. In Spain, one can enjoy the freshest seafood at a fraction of the price one would pay in the United Kingdom. The seasonal ingredients mean that the menu is ever-changing and the food is fresh. As a bonus, this sort of diet has been shown to help people live longer and more productive lives.

These are only a few reasons that Spain continues to attract increasing numbers of Britons in search of that perfect lifestyle to its shores. If you are British and are considering relocating then Spain should be on the top of the destination list.