Which Cities Are the Most Expensive for People Moving Abroad?

Which Oversea Cities Are the Most Expensive?

London has always been a popular spot for people to live in. People traditionally flocked to the capital in the hops of finding good jobs and unlocking great opportunities for their lives. While that is still possible, there is now a backlash against overcrowding, high prices, crime, and other quality of life issues in the capital.

In 2018, around one-third of a million people left the city. Some of the moved to other parts of the UK, hoping to enjoy lower prices and a quieter life. Some left for Europe, seeking the opportunity to enjoy economic stability and growth at a time when Brexit had caused chaos in the UK, especially in major manufacturing and financial industries.

From One Expensive City to Another

Leaving London can make sense if you’re looking to move to somewhere less crowded, or that has better options for your industry, but many of the most popular cities for expats are quite expensive in their own right.

Some recent research conducted by Mercer ranks the most expensive cities for expats, helping people decide where to move if they’re looking for the best balance in terms of earnings versus expenses.

Hong Kong is currently the most expensive city in the world when it comes to life for migrant workers. Indeed, eight of the ten most expensive cities are located in Asia. The rankings are based on the price of 200 popular items or general expenses, for things such as food, clothing, housing, entertainment, and alcohol.

That’s good news for the people who are moving to Europe from the UK since European cities aren’t generally at the top of the list. Zurich is the most expensive of the European cities, being one of the only non-Asian cities in the top ten. Bern and Geneva, also in Switzerland, are ranked as being quite expensive as well.

The cheapest cities are mostly located in Pakistan. Mainland Europe, for the most part, is middle of the pack, offering good career opportunities, well-developed infrastructure, and reasonable pricing. It’s easy to understand why people consider moving to Berlin or Lisbon, when there are so many opportunities there.

The Economic Climate Can Change at Any Moment

The economic climate can change suddenly, and that’s something that we need to remember. Ashgabat, for example, was ranked 43rd in 2018, but has jumped up to 7th thanks to high consumer price inflation in Turkmenistan. If you’re planning on moving to Europe from the UK it’s a good idea to look not just at what prices are like now, and what the housing situation is like, but also at current trends. How many people are moving to the country or city in question? Has the government changed recently? Which industries are thriving and which are dying out?

Every country is in a constant state of evolving and changing, and you need to think long-term if you’re planning on making a new life somewhere, to ensure that you can support yourself and your family over the long term. Edwards European Moving have weekly loads to France, Spain, Portugal & Germany, get a free moving quote.