Weekly Service UK To Portugal

We know how difficult it can be to arrange a removal. You’ve got to have a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything, you’ll be working to get the keys to your new property and, if you’re moving abroad, you’ll be confused about the situation in a different country. At Edward’s European Moving we’re able to help you make the whole process easy with our range of removal services.


One of our most popular services is our weekly removals from the UK to Portugal. This service allows you to have your possessions and items taken to where you need them weekly without a worry. We believe this is the ideal service for homeowners that are preparing a move but don’t want to take everything in one go.

We’re chosen across the UK for our weekly removals to Portugal. Whether you’re moving to the European country or you’re moving back from your timeshare over the summer, we can give you the tools to make the whole scenario easier. Our team have become an important service for students and individuals that are making the big move abroad.


On top of our weekly removals from the UK to Portugal, we’re also chosen for our vast range of removals services in the UK and Europe.

To find out more about our work at Edward’s European Moving, get in contact with us today.

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