Top 5 Places to Live in Torrevieja

One of the most popular coastal towns in Southern Costa Blanca is Torrevieja. If you haven’t been to the area, you should go! The town is known for Blue Flag beaches, gorgeous salt lakes, and natural parks, with a unique look unlike other areas in the world. All of these things contribute to Torrevieja’s healthy microclimate. Torrevieja consists of a wide area, and the town includes smaller residential regions with their original characteristics, charm, and atmosphere. In the list below, we highlight the places to live in Torrevieja concerning age, lifestyle, amenities, and groups.

Aguas Nuevas

Aguas Nuevas is a residential area that is connected to Torrevieja. The place gives access to various amenities and services that lots of people enjoy. One of the best schools in Valencia is Ciudad Del Mar and it is well known as a desirable school in the area. Parque Aromático is a natural park that is popular in Torrevieja. It has bike trails, picnic areas, and children’s playgrounds to enjoy.

Aguas Nuevas is located near the public parks, schools, and public parks. It provides a young, fresh, vibrant atmosphere that gives everyone a change from the traditional areas in the location. The place is ideal for families, families with young children, and young couples who have babies. You can get a convenient and enjoyable life in the town.

Torre del Moro/La Mata/Cabo Cervera

These small residential locations are known for their small fishing villages, shops, and structures that showcase traditional Spanish architecture along with a pleasant, relaxing feel. These locations have Spanish charm, which is why the towns have few high-rise buildings and conventional flair.

The areas have small fishing and village characteristic and are located near the city centre. This makes these locations accessible to shops, supermarkets and schools. These towns are also situated near coves and beaches. There are lots of activities to do in these towns. The village of LaMata, in particular, gives visitors a fun lifestyle enjoyed by families, couples, and singles. Learn more about La Mata’s activities and attractions that you will enjoy.

Los Balcones

The urban Los Balcones is near Salinas de Torrevieja and sizeable natural salt lakes. These salt lakes are why the city has a healthy and unique microclimate. The wooded and hilly areas have lots of lush pine trees. It is an excellent place for nature lovers and a place for those seeking a healthy, tranquil environment to walk in, to meditate in, etc.

To add to the total appeal, Los Balcones is well-connected and safe. It gives easy transit by taxi cab or bus. It’s also located near the highway. Los Balcones is located near the university hospital of Torrevieja. It includes enough medical services to serve all of the residents and tourists.

Torreta Florida

An urban and tranquil place, Torreta Florida is an excellent place for those who want a laidback and peaceful life. Located on the shores of Laguna Rose de Torrevieja, otherwise known as the salt lake with a gorgeous bright pink colour. It’s a tranquil place and does not contain many people, but urbanization has a lot to offer because of its closeness to Torrevieja’s city centre.

Torreta Florida is situated near fire stations, police stations, schools, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and shops – all the things you desire in a location. The location is also close to Havana Mall and Los Náufragos beach. Torreta Florida is great for couples and families. It’s also suitable for singles seeking a new life or who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and still be close to services and amenities.


La Veleta, otherwise known as Veleta, is a small urban town in southwest Torrevieja. It’s just a short walk from the coves and beaches. This includes the Natural Site of Cala Ferris. This is a rocky, small cove. It has crystal clear waters that are great for snorkeling. The site is a “hidden gem” in Torrevieja. The area, concerning residents, is mainly sunny villas. These villas have beautiful gardens and great views of the nearby sea.

Locating a Property in Torrevieja

You can find lots of properties in and near Torrevieja. There are also great rental returns because of the many amenities, and Torrevieja is located near the Alicante airport.

You can find a property for every taste! The properties in the town centre are near restaurants, shops and bus stops that are great for retirement. An example is a two-bedroom apartment that is reduced to sell at 79 pounds.

You’ll also find resale homes with a traditional Spanish feel, such as a gorgeous townhouse full of character in a beautiful residential area, for just 126 pounds. Such a property makes for a perfect permanent residence or holiday home.

Torrevieja is perfect for all-year-round living. The various homes give buyers something extra special such as rooftop solariums and private pools. The three-bedroom villa benefits from a large 800m2 plot with a gorgeous private pool, and a big balcony great for al fresco dining.

Looking for help moving to Torrevieja

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