For UK tourist Portugal has always been a top destination.

It has a welcoming community and even in Euro terms prices that offer excellent value for anything from accommodation to exploration.

So what would turn away a UK citizen from this wonderful country?

According to top investment gurus nothing at the moment. It represents a great investment opportunity.

First of all, let’s look at the weather. As a UK visitor or potential investor, you are not going to get weather in February as you will get in Portugal.

The recession is done in Portugal. The country now offers exceptional value for UK investors. There are are some massive tax incentives to invest in Portugal – no matter what the Brexit outcome.

For those who have pensions in the UK Portugal becomes an even more attractive option. However, it is absolutely essential that those are who are considering Portugal as a retirement option consult with a financial adviser.

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So taking into account tax, ease of living and great food why would anyone choose Portugal over another country in the EU?

Well, for one thing, Portugal is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, Lisbon has long been a worldwide destination. It has always been fantastic for tourists, with incredible arts and crafts and a wealth of cultural attractions.

And for those who want to rent a place, Lisbon offers incredible value compared to other EU cities.

Of course, you could go to Porto. But you’d better be quick. This seaside town has experienced a huge flow of interest from a global community. It is quiet and the bars and restaurants offer some of the best value in Portugal.

The Algarve remains ever popular of course with numerous favourite destination for expats including Albufeira, Portimao and Faro. Other destinations worth considering are Braga, Coimbra and Setubal.

Portugal is the home of Port, and if you want to explore this tipple you will be spoiled for choice. The sheer welcoming nature of the locals that Portugal as one of the most satisfying counties to visit in Europe.

Stick to the seaside and you experience food that is, without doubt, some of the best in Europe. Aim for Cod at the coast. Or cataplana – a stew that is never the same twice. It all depends on that days catch.

Always ask your host about the catch of the day.

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