Moving from Spain to the UK

Today, there are lots of people moving from Spain to the United Kingdom due to numerous reasons. The number of Spanish workers moving to the United Kingdom rose by a whopping 117 per cent from 63,000 to 137,000 over the past four years (Ref: The job crisis in Spain has made more Spanish workers head to the UK to find better employment. Spanish unemployment rates are some of the highest in the European Union, which was around 15.67 per cent in 2020. On the other hand, Brexit is causing ex-pats to sell their properties in Spain and return to their Motherland. Most of them had to abandon their dream of living in sunny Spain due to more stringent immigration rules due to Britain leaving the European Union.

Whether you plan to move from Spain to the UK or purchase new furniture from the UK for your Spanish residence, you need a reputable and experienced removals company to take care of the process. Trying to effect a house or business removal on your own is not a sensible thing to do. It involves so many factors including packing, loading, unloading, and storage of your precious belongings. That is where a professional house and business removal company comes into the picture.

With hundreds of removal companies operating out there, selecting the best service provider isn’t easy. Your extensive research is crucial to picking the right removals company for the project. When you want the best home or business removals company to move your house or business from Spain to the UK, you don’t need to look further than Edwards European Moving. The company undertakes removals for private individuals as well as large corporate companies while carrying out every move to the highest possible standards in the industry.

At Edwards European Moving, we are experts at moving your house or business to the United Kingdom from Spain or vice versa. We employ staff who speaks English, French and Spanish to facilitate your removals requests. The company also has depots in both Spain and the United Kingdom to carry out residential and commercial removals from both countries. Edwards European Moving offers a shared load service or part load service to/from all Spanish destinations including islands to the UK. This service is ideal for clients with smaller consignments because it provides flexible delivery rates. All goods are individually inventoried and numbered to make sure they are delivered to the correct client’s property.

Here are some reasons to use Edwards European Moving when you decide to move your house or business from Spain to the UK:

. Highly experienced staff
. Special equipment to handle different types of consignments
. Offices or depots in both the UK and Spain
. Storage facilities in the UK and Spain
. Clean and properly maintained fleet of vehicles
. All items are fully inventoried
. Full-service removal company with door-to-door services
. Staff speaks Spanish, French, and English fluently
. Packing and unpacking services
. Removal company with 20 years of experience and local knowledge in Spain

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