Choose a Trusted Company

All packed and ready for your new life in Spain, now you have to get your personal possessions and furniture relocated to Spain. Unless you are the type who has forsaken worldly possessions to live the life of a monastic saint, moving your entire home inventory from one country to another, especially one on the other side of Western Europe, is going to be a job for a European Removals Company.


There are many things that can go wrong when you put your possessions and valuables in the hands of anyone else, this short article could not do the subject justice. There are stories of a removals company going belly-up on the middle of an operation much to the dismay of their customers, who were not able to recover their belongings in transit. The Global Moving Systems Incident is one such example.

So how can one successfully relocate to the beautiful sun and warm climate of Spain without having to undergo a reluctant vow of poverty? According to the many successful expats who have already performed this small miracle, it’s all in checking the credentials and see if they can speak the Spanish language, this is a big confirmation that you have chosen a removals company that is experienced in Relocation to Spain

Even still, the best place to go for a good idea of the kind of service and level of professionalism that you will receive from a company, is the many review boards and customer ratings pages that can be found online.

Checking the feedback that a company has gotten for their services is by far the quickest way to ascertain the company’s history of successful relocations to Spain.

The initial phone interview with the company you are considering for the responsibility of handling your personals will be your best chance to weed out the ineffective and decide on a winner. Be sure to ask questions concerning the insurance policies under which their services are covered.

Payment options are also an important question, be very wary of a company that asks for payment up front for their work, whether as a deposit or in cold cash. Companies that don’t accept credit card transactions also smack of amateurism.
Finally, a voice interview will set your mind at ease as you will be able to evaluate the customer service they offer. Were you greeted by a polite professional or an unprepared person? Never neglect that gut feeling that will point you in the direction of the best option for you.