Expat Life in Spain

Thanks to its mild and sunny climate, Spain is paradise for British expats who are sick and tired of the endless rain they’ve have to put up for their entire life.
British Expats who packed up life in the UK and Relocated to Spain, now enjoy their afternoons’ siestas, their paella on the beach, their sangria under the starry sky ALL YEAR ROUND. All these seem very appealing, so there’s no wonder many British residents are willing to swap their bleak weather for a sunny life in Spain.

As the typical British expats are retirees with tiny houses somewhere on Costa del Sol, they aren’t affected by the crisis that has made the life of many Spanish citizens and younger expats a nightmare. Nonetheless, despite the economic instability, there are still numerous British expats who choose to live in Spain.


Although they have decided to choose the sun over their rainy weather, all these people miss their local food and their habits, so they tend to congregate wherever possible. They have their favourite restaurants, bars and clubs where they can recreate their familiar atmosphere. They can’t live without their Cheddar cheese or without their English breakfast, so they always tend to choose places where these things are readily available. This is how expat communities get born. Once the core is there, it starts to expand, as more and more people come to join the group. They like to be neighbours, they enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings about their new country, as well as memories of their old one.

If you are new to the expat life and you want to find some popular places in Spain for British expats, you should start by searching online for discussion forums on such topics. Expats tend to be very active in forums and groups, so you’re going to get a lot of help and all the information you need, whether you intend to live on the Costa del Sol in Mijas, Malaga, Marbella in the larger cities of Barcelona and Madrid or maybe Alicante. Nonetheless, expats living in beach areas tend to be more relaxed and more willing to socialise than those living in big cities, where life is almost as hectic as in London.

British groceries are quite popular in those areas of Spain where there are large groups of expats. If you encounter such a shop, you can be sure there’s a vibrant community of British people in the neighbourhood. Finding them should be as easy as entering the store and starting a conversation with any of the customers or with the shop assistants.

As you can see, being a British expat in Spain should be a mainly positive experience. There are many places where these people gather together to share a good story, some nice food and a glass of sangria. Life is good when you can live it under the sun for the most part of the year. Besides, it gets even better when you’re able to surround yourself with like-minded people, with other British expats looking for sun and happiness.

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