Guide to moving to Ibiza Spain

The Island of Ibiza rightly owns the moniker ‘party capital of the world.’ This beautiful hidden gem that lies in the Balearic Archipelago is most renowned for its nightlife. People from all corners of the globe especially residents of Europe usually flock to the shores of the island throughout the year to let loose, unwind, party, and generally have a good time. You would think that a city that mostly thrives because of nightlife would be a den of depravity, but this is not the case with Ibiza. The town still remains home to a lot of native people. If you are looking to relocate to Ibiza, we have compiled a detailed guide that contains all the information you will likely need to know when moving here.

About the Island of Ibiza

2021 census estimates show that around 52,466 residents call Ibiza home. Compared to other major cities in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid, Ibiza pales in both geographical size and population. However, as it is, the popularity of Ibiza has continued to grow in leaps and bounds mostly because of its nightlife and warm climate. Ibiza rarely gets cold which means that it is a popular summer vacation destination for the world’s elite and tourists. Though visitors from all walks of life visit the island, the Spanish language remains most dominant in the area. Don’t be surprised if you become a fluent Spanish speaker after residing here for just a few years!

What Are the Visa Requirements When Moving to Ibiza?

You need to acquire a Schengen Visa to gain access to Spanish territories like Ibiza and other EU countries – especially if you are emigrating from a non-EU country. You can also move to Ibiza through the ETIAS Visa Waiver Program. If you meet the eligibility standards for this program, you can move across Spanish territories without a Schengen Visa. However, if you are planning on staying in Ibiza or other Spanish territories for more than 3 months (90 days), then you will need to submit an application for a residency card (Tarjeta de Residencia Card). A residency card will help kickstart your process of acquiring legal residency status across Spain territories.

Where Can I Live in Ibiza?

Before starting your relocation to Ibiza, it is important to identify the most ideal areas where you can live. Though the island is renowned for its nightlife, the city is not necessarily all about partying. There are decent places where you can enjoy a serene retirement life as an expat – a good example being the District of Figueretas. This area most contains residential housing units where you can enjoy a calm and serene lifestyle. If you are looking to enjoy authentic Spanish culture at its best, you may want to consider moving to Sant Jordi.

What Are the Costs of Purchasing a Property in Ibiza?

The cost of living in Ibiza is quite high, much higher than other areas in Spain. The island would best be described as a mid-range to high-income area. The costs of renting a property in Ibiza are almost akin to the costs in other major European cities. If you are looking to rent a luxury apartment in Ibiza, be prepared to part with between €850 to €3,000 each month! Rental costs across Ibiza may vary depending on the number of rooms in your prefferred property and the fact whether the property is located in the central districts or the city outskirts. To buy a home in Ibiza, be prepared to part with between €3,000 to €7,000 per each square metre!

What Are the Employment Prospects in Ibiza?

Even the Good Book says that those who don’t work shouldn’t eat. When moving to Ibiza, it is important to identify potential employment opportunities that fall within your skill set and/or experience. Though the job market across Spain has taken a major hit as a result of the global pandemic, there are still a lot of employment opportunities across Ibiza. A good employer is the tourism industry which thrives in the Balearic Archipelago. In Ibiza, there are a lot of opportunities for people in the hospitality and health care sector. If you move to Ibiza, there will not be a shortage of employment opportunities.

What is the Education System Like in Ibiza?

When visiting Ibiza, finding a school may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it is important to find one early especially if you are moving to the area with your family. Ibiza has several fine international schools where you can enrol your kids. For example, you can enrol your kids at the Morna International College which offers the UK National Curriculum, or, the Lycée Français International d’Ibiza which offers the French Curriculum to international students.

What is the State of the Healthcare System in Ibiza?

In a place where partying is the norm like Ibiza, it is important to have plenty of medical institutions and clinics dotting the landscape. Ibiza has many fine healthcare facilities that are properly equipped to cater for the needs of the city’s visitors. Some popular hospitals in the area include the Ibiza Medical College, Hospital Can Misses, the Centro Médico Polivalente Siesta, and many more. One of the best things about moving to Ibiza is that you do not have to worry about medical insurance in the area. On relocating to Ibiza or any one of the Spanish territories, you will immediately become eligible to use the national healthcare system. This will help you access quality healthcare services at significantly reduced costs.

Is Ibiza a Safe Place to Live?

You may be wondering about your safety and that of your loved ones once you emigrate to Ibiza. Ibiza is for the most part safe. Though crime rate indexes show that crimes are rampant in the city, they are not so extreme that the city would be considered unsafe. As of 2021, the crime rate in the city stood at 54.53% – a moderate figure. That said, it is important to point out that the crime rate in the city has been increasing steadily at 64.32% which is higher than the normal average. That notwithstanding, you will be relatively safe walking around Ibiza during the day and night with walking safety rates hovering at 71.92% and 40.40% respectively.

What Are the Tax Rates in Ibiza?

On moving to Ibiza, you will automatically gain legal residency status which means that you will automatically be required to pay taxes. If you are emigrating to Ibiza from an EU country, the process of conforming to Spain’s tax system will be much easier. This is because many of the tax rules and regulations followed in Spain are similar to those followed in neighbouring EU countries including the taxation brackets for different income levels. Note that your tax rate will be dependent on how much money you earn in a tax year.

Our Top Relocation Tips

At this point, we will offer you our top moving tips. First on relocating to Ibiza, try as much as possible to join a local mobile network. It is possible to buy a SIM card and start using it even before you actually land in Ibiza. A registered SIM card will ease how you communicate with both locals and people abroad. Next, ensure that you open a local bank account. This should be relatively easy given that there are numerous Spanish banks that cater specifically to the needs of expats.

Help With Removals to Ibiza

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